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Central Texas Traditional Catholic Mission

About Us

We are Traditional Catholics in Central Texas - a Mission of St Gertrude the Great.  

Mass and confession once a month in Austin.  See the Mass Schedule for details.


Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Story

Our Lady of Sorrows Traditional Catholic Mission (Sedevacante, see Resisting the Pope and Traditionalists, Infallibility, and the Pope for details) is a mission of St Gertrude the Great in Cincinnati, OH.  We began in March 2019 with an initial visit from Father McKenna.  Then, it was just a single family in the Austin area through a visit that was prompted by the family’s communication with Father Cekada (RIP 2020).  Father McKenna, already making trips to the faithful in Dallas and El Paso would, from then on, add Austin to his mission work.  


Initially, we met in the home of this first family for months.  They converted a room into a beautiful chapel and was cozy.  However, after a few months, it became evident that there was enough interest in the Central Texas area that the decision was made to have Mass at a larger location.  









Our First Chapel


We’ve met in hotels, wedding venues, and event centers.  For location details, check the Bulletin and Mass Schedule for each scheduled mass. During COVID, it was sometimes a challenge to find a comfortable location, but we never missed a month for Mass!




Our Current Chapel


We are thankful that God has willed for us to receive the true Sacraments consistently here in Central Texas.  It’s a blessing to be served by faithful priests from St. Gertrudes.   

Austin Mass
Austin Mass
Austin Mass
Austin Mass
Austin Mass
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