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Penance, Reparation, and The Holy Face Devotion

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Why penance and reparation? " [reference Lenten Reading and Meditation on The Holy Face" post from last month] "Because, in Christ's words, 'Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish'... God is merciful, all merciful, The Sacred Heart is an Ocean of Mercy. But despite what the Novus Ordo tells you, God's mercy is conditional. It is conditional on our practice of penance and reparation."

The post above provides a practical, daily means to understand and practice penance and reparation. The Holy Face Devotion will lead you on your journey to your true home. From the promises of The Holy Face Devotion below, Jesus promises that, "I will defend them, I will preserve them, and I will assure them of Final Perseverance."


Revelations to Sr. Mary of St. Peter,

Discalced Carmelite Nun of Tours, France, in favor of those who honor His Holy Face. Details of these revelations are found in the book named The Golden Arrow (the autobiography of Sister Mary of St. Peter)

  1. By offering My Face to My Eternal Father, nothing will be refused, and the conversion of many sinners will be obtained.

  2. By My Holy Face, they will work wonders, appease the anger of God and draw down mercy on sinners.

  3. All those who honor My Face in a spirit of reparation will by so doing perform the office of the pious Veronica.

  4. According to the care they take in making reparation to My Face disfigured by blasphemers, so will I take care of their souls which have been disfigured by sin. My Face is the Seal of the Divinity, which has the virtue of reproducing in souls the image of God.

  5. Those who by words, prayers or writings defend My cause in the Work of Reparation, especially My priests, I will defend before My Father, and will give them My Kingdom.

  6. As in a kingdom they can procure all that is desired with a coin stamped with the King's effigy, so in the Kingdom of Heaven they will obtain all they desire with the precious coin of My Holy Face.

  7. Those who on earth contemplate the wounds of My Face shall in Heaven behold it radiant with glory.

  8. They will receive in their souls a bright and constant irradiation of My Divinity, that by their likeness to My Face they shall shine with particular splendor in Heaven.

  9. I will defend them, I will preserve them and I assure them of Final Perseverance.

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